I devised this tool in 2017  after delivering a workshop to the Vocology in Practice instructors in Los Angeles during Summer 2016 on how to develop singers’ style, especially after learning technique and running workshops for the BAST network of singing teachers. It is particularly effective for singers who are a little scared to improvise or step outside the comfort zone with these new sets of rules. It is a great tool for improvisation! It is based on voice science principles, with the ‘starters’ on the left hand side being about vocal health and voice production and the right hand side; musicality and creativity. If you should decide to use this resource in your lessons, please do credit me and I would really appreciate it if you send me a little note saying what you found useful and how/if it worked for you! You can watch the BAST webinar where I explain how to use it here:
The Artist Development Approach To Teaching Singers
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