Like a fevered lab experiment, Vaudeville grunge pop outfit Science of the Lamps have become a beast of proportions, lighting up the crowds at festivals and gigs across the UK and abroad. Noted appearances include the Liverpool International Music Festival, Sound City, Great Escape, Threshold Festival, Standon Calling Festival, Disconnect Festival, John Grant’s North Atlantic Flux, and gigs in Norway, France, Germany and USA. Contact Kaya to book a gig; solo, duo a small band set up to a full 11 piece ensemble!

The Science of the Lamps are perfect for festivals encompassing all that is music, storytelling, art, creative flair, melancholy and silliness.

With catchy songs, lyrical gems, outstanding musicianship from the quirky band, and gorgeous close vocal harmonies from ‘The Usherettes’.

Their soundtrack for ‘My Lonely Me’ lead to 4 nominations and a Silver Award for Best Original Soundtrack. Their reputation for flamboyant, quirky, upbeat and odd performances combined with magnificent musicianship has led to bookings at some of the best venues in the country.

Quite appropriately ‘Science of the Lamps’ was dreamt up by Norwegian Liverpool musician Kaya in an off the beaten track restaurant in the fairy tale darkness of the city of Prague in December 2010. Award winning for her songwriting, Kaya fronts the ensemble with charm, confidence and a four octave range filled with dynamic expression. Her inspiration comes from vaudeville, visual art, early Hollywood movie scores, Nordicana, wine, flamenco, trip-hop, music boxes, Paris and whiskey bars.