Nightmarine by Kaya & Science of the Lamps – Rotoscope video by Beatriz Leonardo

Kaya & Science of the Lamps release their latest single, ‘Nightmarine’ 28th September Original Album Artwork and music video by Beatriz Leonardo available from 10/10/20

Nightmarine is a somber yet hopeful tale about the darkest blues that grief brings after losing a parent. Nightmarine is the lead track from a selection of songs written about the various stages of grief and the rite of passage it forces upon you. Nightmarine, the title is a play on words of Nightmare and marine blue and marine in general, as Kaya’s dad was a marine biologist. She has collaborated with the Portugese artist Beatriz Leonardo on a rotoscope music video for the track.


“Beatriz’s body of work references mythologies and histories from around the world and brings them together to show our collective humanity and relationship to the natural world.” – Brooklyn Art Library


Beatriz Leonardo is a multi-media artist focusing on relief printmaking, illustration and animation. Her themes revolve around mythology and storytelling. She is interested in the symbiosis between analogue and digital formats, exploring the boundaries of story-telling. She likes to create physical objects and then transfer them into the digital realm, giving static images new life while maintaining the unique qualities that can only come through human interference. @a.curious.creature on instagram and online portfolio at *Definition: Rotoscoping is an animation technique that animators use to trace over motion picture footage, frame by frame, to produce realistic action.


Nightmarine was written by Kaya in late 2017 and debuted live at Spectra Festival in Aberdeen in 2018. It was subsequently recorded pre-lockdown at Big Smoke Studios in London, produced by Kaya & Ryan John Griffiths. The track was mastered at Los Angeles studio: ‘The Bakery’ by Peter Hewitt-Dutton, who also mastered the last two releases.

The release features musicians with whom Kaya has performed & recorded over the past decade of Science of the Lamps including Luke Moore (Cello), Giles Steflox (Drums), Angus Parkin on guitar and long term “Usherettes” (the name of Science of the Lamps’ backing vocalists); Fiona Currie, Emily Rose and Mica Bernard. Additional harmonies come from the ACM Electron Choir.

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