Superhero Me – Science of the Lamps

The super hero me looks great in lycra
She’s confident and knows just what to do
She wows them all with style, and flare and beauty
with a brilliant mind and patient kindness too

She doesn’t spend time focusing on negatives
there’s no excuses — only way is up
She flies away all fabulous and glowing
how can I make the alias shut up?!

Oh oh oh (Chorus)

With glasses on no one recognizes her
labelled as “before” in a fashion mag
Her skies are grey and no one really likes her
so she might just hang around in rags

My kryptonite is surely negativity
a self fulfilling prophecy of doom
When life feels so much better when I’m flying
cause super Kaya’s just immune to gloom

Oh oh oh (Chorus)

Ok I don’t believe in super powers
I just want to have a super day
A whole day allowing me to flower
and shine in my own peculiar way

No more fear of their rejection
Cause no one would reject a super me?!
I need to learn to share affection
For this me — the me I want to be..

I’m flying..

Ladies and gentlemen!!! Here’s the silliest music video you’ll ever see us do.. probably..

Thanks to our favorite Tom Lox for writing, directing and shooting, finding boss locations including our lovely Seel st/ Western Recording company studio and Lee Isserow for beautiful DOP and James Roach from Liverpool School of Cantonese Kung Fu for making it look like we fight! And of course Chris Carney for being the super villain (and letting Kaya beat him up) and Sharky for fab piccies.

EP out now:
1) Superhero Me 2) Flames & Firefighters 3) Scary Smile

Songs written by Kaya Herstad-Carney
Arranged by Science of the Lamps,
Produced by Mark Brocklesby & Science of the Lamps
Vox & acoustic guitar: Kaya Herstad-Carney, Bass: Paul Reay, Drums: Mark Brocklesby Cello and Piano: Luke Moore Electric Guitar: Luke Hodkinson “The Usherettes”: Muzz McDermott-Long / Amy Freeman / Ellie Major (Jazamin Sinclair in the video)

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Video directed by Tom Lox and shot by Tom Lox and Lee IsserowTrack produced by Mark Brocklesby and Kaya Herstad-Carney and recorded by Mark Brocklesby and Tom Longworth. Fight choreography by James Roach.

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