33-45 Parr Street Studios, Liverpool, L1 4JN


Singing teachers of all levels who are looking to take their teaching up a notch, producers who wants to connect the knowledge of vocal acoustics with the training of singers or singers who are self confessed voice geeks.

2-6pm Special guests Voice Science Works Voice Analyzer Technology in practice

Cost £65


Saturday afternoon 2-6pm

We are super happy to be joined by Laurel & David Saturday workshop that brings contemporary research on the voice and translates it into directly applicable information so that you, the vocal teacher and professional, can immediately apply it in your practice.

Laurel Irene and Dr. David Harris, co-creators of www.voicescienceworks.org, will present interactive, engaging and playful sessions that bring you and your studio to a new and intimate level with using voice analyzer technology, gamification as a tool to share complex information in the field of voice science, and new research in neuroscience and listening practices designed to help you deepen into tried and true vocology principals.

For singers of all styles, actors, teachers, sound and industry professionals, this workshop brings a fresh approach to the teaching voice, training the ear and the brain, and mastering voice technology as a revolutionary tool in the learning process.

Feedback from previous workshops

Laurel and David knocked it outta the park! The knowledge that both of them have is phenomenal…I felt as if I walked through an experience with them; rather than just listened to a lecture. “ Keeleen Miskin, music theater coach and voice educator, Atlanta, Georgia

Fascinating, interactive, motivating. I loved the voice analyzer!” Marcia Ragonetti, Mezzo-soprano, Denver, Colorado

“I loved putting into practice what I learned, and started warming up with the straw right away…I learned how to sing without getting as tired, and how to get better sound with less work.” Annie Scott Rogers, Actor, San Francisco, California


Laurel Irene, Los Angeles-based vocal artist and voice researcher, specializes in bringing new compositional works to life with vocal repertoire ranging from Monteverdi to Mozart to the wacky, wild, and extreme sounds of the 21st century. With incredible vocal range, agile flexibility, and intense emotional connection that stretches from playful to unhinged in the span of a page, she draws on her expertise in vocal research to heighten unique timbres, textures, and vocal expressions .

As an avid voice educator and founder of the educational organization, VoiceScienceWorks, she gives voice workshops at conferences and collegiate settings across the United States and Europe including the Pan-American Vocology Association, American Choral Directors Association, Acoustical Society of America, Harvard University, College of the Holy Cross, California Institute for the Arts, University of California Los Angeles, and Cornish College of the Arts.

Ms. Irene is an alumna of performance programs at the CalState LA, USC Thornton School of Music, Oregon State University, New Music on the Point, Cortona New Music Sessions, and the Summer Vocology Institute.

Visit www.laurelirenesings.com for more information

David Harris (DMA, b. 1974) specializes in new music, American music, and the intricacies of communication in singing and conducting.  Through innovation, performance, and research, David enlivens community through the power of music.

Living in Los Angeles, David is the co-founder and director of VoiceScienceWorksand one of the principal authors of the website and of various publications.  Together with his partner, Laurel Irene, he helps vocalists learn to translate difficult voice science into immediately applicable tools.  Voice science, though, is much more of a personal pursuit, and includes daily tinkering and expanding vocal opportunities in measured steps.  David performs in many styles, has command of varied extended vocal techniques, and loves making crazy sounds and fluidly crossing voice parts in ensembles depending on where the need lies.  This has led to regular opportunities to sing and teach others around the world how miraculous their voices are, and how their mental and physical capacity are only limited by their habits and beliefs.  Through games, experiences, and presentations based in neuroscience and voice research, he helps people realize the life-changing possibilities of voice.

Visit www.drdavidharrismusic.org for more information